Botnens, boating, bonfires, beer, and barometric perfection!

OK… so I stretched for that last “B”.  And I still have a whole bunch of other B’s up my sleeve, but I won’t bore you with alliteration (cough*bags*cough*beach*).  I’m sorry it took so long to get this post up!  It was a big’un so I wanted to take my time and make sure I got pictures from the family so that I could highlight as much as possible!

I still have the fever (cabin fever, that is), even though the vacation is over!  :(  Can we go back now, please?!?!  Man, did we have an awesome time at Gull Lake with Ben’s clan!  Five blissful, gorgeous days of sitting by the lake and soaking up the abundant sun… which consequently resulted in the peeling of my entire, sunburned face.  There are so many stories and details I want to pour over, but that doesn’t make for a very fun read… so I’ll just hit the highlights!

No vacation is completely drama free, right?  Well, ours started out interestingly (and ended the same way… a neighbor told us they had to call the police because our garage door had been open for 3 days straight… yikes).  The morning we left for Brainerd, we had a huge storm roll through Coon Rapids, where we had 80-90 mph winds.  Craziness.  We found ourselves in the basement at 4:00 am.  The storm blew through pretty quickly, but not before dropping this little dandy on our deck!

We later discovered just how hard the wind was blowing.  It ripped our plants out by the roots!

Anywho… sorry about that tangent… back to the cabin…

First and foremost… Relaxation!  That’s what vacations are for!  It was so nice to just kick back and relax.  Of course, that’s because John and Barb took great care of us.  The view was beautiful from our cabin and we settled right in.

Second highlight!  TUBING!  I think this trip contained the most abundant amount of tubing I’ve ever done in a five day span.  I can’t even remember how many times I went, but I was paying for it afterward.  Let’s just put it this way:  Zoey felt like she weighed 50 lbs instead of 15… jello arms!  Oh and I can’t forget to mention the ridiculous bruises that covered each of my legs.  At least I didn’t have it as rough as JB!  Steering with your legs to try to keep yourself in the wake is a bad idea.  Just ask John’s knees.

On one of the many trips on the tube, Ben, Jack and I went together.  Let me preface these pictures with a little tidbit about this particular tube… it was really only meant for ONE person, or two kid-sized people.  Not three, out of control adults.

Now, for any of you who know the three of us, we should always NEVER be allowed to do any type of thrill-seeking activity together!  When we are given the opportunity… this happens…

And then when it’s not enough to be thrown from a tube on a choppy lake going 30 mph, this happens…

I’ve gotta say, our pyramid actually looks a lot better than it felt!  Notice our “Oh my God this actually worked hold it hold it hold it” faces.  This lasted about 5 seconds before Jack was catapulted several feet in the air!  :)  This was, embarrassingly, one of our later attempts at the pyramid.  Note to self: do not attempt pyramid outside of wake. Especially when the walleye chop is ridiculous.  I lost a few of you there didn’t I?  For those of you who don’t speak Minnesotan, that’s a reference to rough waters.  Good times.

We did a lot of boating in general on our vacation… I think we spent 70% of our time on the water, whether it be cruising, fishing, or water sports.  As always, it was really fun to watch Ben wakeboard!

And, at the end of the day, there is nothing like a good cruise around a gorgeous lake!  As much fun as all the other activities were, nothing beats riding around with a beer in hand!  It also helps that both of our kids (Zoey and Spliff :)) love ADORE boating!

Notice how Ben is rocking Jackie's oh-so-feminine fedora! Stylin!

One evening, we headed across the lake to Zorbaz!  It was such a fun lakeside bar with awesome outdoor seating and live music!  This is where I discovered one of the many loves of my life… New Belgium’s Hoptober…  The best Oktoberfest beer known to mankind… in my humble opinion!  On the way back to the cabin, Bailey drove the boat.  Talented little niece of mine!

And, of course, no trip to the cabin is complete without a nightly bonfire!  Once the kiddos were asleep, the adults kicked back and had a few!  Many laughs, tipped chairs, and limericks ensued.  :)

We closed the trip with a fun shrimp boil… ate it right on the table, sans plates!  What can I say?!  JB can cook!  We ate our meal, played some games, snuggled the babies, and ended the night with yet another enjoyable bonfire.

A huge thanks to everyone who made the trip an awesome experience!  We had such a great time and really appreciate that we are a part of such a fun loving family!  An amazing time was had by all and I hope that we can do this again in the near future.  It was so great to have the whole family together!  All you Botnens, Bangerts, Schereks, Frankenbergs… cheers to the freakin’ weekend, I’ll drink to that!

I will leave you with a photo that sums up our trip…

Ok… so this really doesn’t sum up anything except for the fact that Ben’s a weirdo.  But I had to get this dandy in there somehow!  E P I C picture ;)

Hey, fam… sound off in the comments if you want to relive a memory! Abednego!!!!  Or perhaps you’ve come up with another limerick to commemorate our lovely trip?

4 thoughts on “Botnens, boating, bonfires, beer, and barometric perfection!

  1. Your face is so burnt! Looks like a fun trip. I’ve never tried Hoptober, I’ll have to do so! And of course, Zoey is super adorable in every. single. picture. :)

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