No longer a baby…

Very much a toddler!  She did it.  She turned one!  Formerly, my sweet baby nugget, Zo is now my sweet toddler nugget.  We’re done with formula.  We’re done with bottles this week.  She picks up new words every day.  She’s learning to ham when she gets a chuckle.  I just can’t believe that a year ago, I had a newborn.  I’ve almost forgotten what that was like.  Sleepless nights, draining a box of diapers in a week… That’s all a distant memory.  It kinda seems like I dreamed all of that.

Against my wishes, my baby decided to grow up (I know we have a ways until we can call her ‘all grown up’, but one seems like 18 to me).  All of a sudden she’s a toddler.  Not exactly sure when the huge metamorphosis happened, but it did.  As I watched the video slide show I made for her birthday party over… and over… and over… I really noticed that she went from baby to little girl between 5 and 6 months.  It seemed like we applied MiracleGro to her hair, her baby fat deflated, and her eyes brightened.  She looked like a kid.  And somewhere in that blur I had forgotten to notice.  It’s so amazing to have so many pictures.  How did our ancestors do it?!?!  Life without pictures would be so different.  When I pour over the 40,000 plus pictures on our hard drive (no joke… really… I told you we had a problem) I feel so utterly grateful that I’ve been able to document every last detail and moment.  As time passes, you just go on living day-to-day, forgetting to remember every little detail and special moment.  I don’t want to forget one single second of her precious life.  I don’t want to forget how her chubby little feet looked in her first pair of shoes, or how her two bottom teeth grew in so adorably.  Or her wry smile that she flashes every once in a while, as if she knows something you don’t.  Those memories, sadly, will fade with time, but our gorgeous collection of pictures won’t.  And when I’m old and gray, I can go through each one and remember how wonderful my life was and how blessed I’ve been.

Ok, SappyPants McGee.  I know, I know!  I’m done.  I promise.  Well, maybe.  I haven’t finished writing this yet so we’ll see where it goes.  Here are our notables for the twelfth month…

  • She has mastered chewing.  Goldfish crackers, cilantro from the garden, corn chips… doesn’t matter.  She’s got this one down.
  • To some kids, their blankie is their safe item.  For others, it’s a pacifier.  For Zoey, it’s her little ‘Puppy Love’ book.  She takes it everywhere.  She crawls with it, she sits in her car seat with it.  I guess she’s more of a safety book kind of girl.
  • She barks back at dogs.  It can be her dog or a strange dog down the block.  If she hears them bark, she’s going to bark back.  It’s a guarantee.
  • Water fowl is her jam.  Birds are ducks, geese are ducks, ducks are ducks… If it has wings and a beak it’s a duck, and she’s soooo excited about it!
  • She talks… ALL. THE. TIME.  She never stops.  It can be real words or gibberish sentences.  Just as long as she can hear herself making noise, she’s not shy about sharing her thoughts.
  • She continually points at everything and nothing.  She’s so excited to share what she’s looking at that she forgets that sometimes, there’s actually nothing there.  Pointing is usually accompanied with an over-excited ‘LOOK!!!
  • She could probably walk by herself if she tried, but crawling is so much more efficient.  She’s a speed demon.

I’m sorry that I didn’t share these pictures on Friday; her actual birthday.  We were so busy with having the grandparents over for dinner that night, the Walk for Animals on Saturday, and then the huge BEEday extravaganza on Sunday that I didn’t have one spare second to hop on and post.  We took some family photos for this update, since it was such an exciting occasion.

And, to our joyous surprise, out of nowhere and for the first time, Zo gave us each a kiss on the lips.  This was her first time doing this, and we teared up a bit, melted, composed ourselves, and then melted again.  Here it was her birthday and she was giving us the best gift money could never buy.  I thought that no feeling would top our bedtime snuggles, but when your little girl looks you in the eye, smirks at you, leans forward, and plants a huge kiss right on your lips, you literally feel like your heart will explode.  I’m so stoked we caught the very first kiss in one of my favorite pictures ever taken…

And what the heck, how bout one more?

And maybe a few for Mommy?

We are SO lucky.  Bottom line.

After we finished up our pictures on the deck, Ben and I presented Zo with her big birthday gift from the two of us… A hot pink big wheel we fondly call ZoRida!  She squealed with excitement as we wheeled it in.  So glad she liked it!

Of course, she’ll have to be about 2 or 3 before she can use it, but when I saw it I just couldn’t pass it up!  We also ordered her an Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn Kids, but unfortunately that was on back order so we’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of that in mid-June!  :)

It’s so sweet.  Not like sweet as in ‘duuuude, sweet’, but sweet as in ‘awwww, that’s so precious’.  I can just see her kicking back in it with her lamb blanket and her Puppy Love book watching ‘Bob‘.  :)

It’s so crazy to think that this is just the beginning, because I can’t remember what life was like before my little girl.  One year old.  Man, that’s nuts.  If the rest of my time here on earth is anything like this past year, I’ll die a happy lady.  I am blessed.

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