The Buzzzz on Zo’s 1st BEEday Party!

I’m a walking cliché, so forgive the title!  :)  I know it’s taken a few days, but I had about 500 pictures and 5 videos to sift through and edit to compile this BEEday party rundown!

I started brainstorming and planning this party back in December, if you can believe that!  I took to Pinterest in search of some fun ideas and came across an adorable bumble bee graphic.  I was instantly sold on the idea of a bee-themed birthday… after all, Zzzzoey B. was having her 1st BEEday.  Perfect.  And, to top it off, her favorite color is yellow and she’s smitten with all things bug.  I pinned away, hunting down hundreds of ideas for decor, outfits and cakes!  Twas a no-brainer.

We picked Sunday as party day so we could still do the Walk for Animals on Saturday.  Unfortunately, after all our hard landscaping and outdoor cleaning work, the weather chose not to cooperate.  It was pretty chilly and misting, but at least we didn’t have to deal with torrential downpours like the ones we had the entire week before.  I was really hoping for a sunny get-together out in the back yard, but we made use of our party tents and long driveway instead.  You win some, you lose some!

As I said above, I was planning this for a very long time.  You see, I always tend to procrastinate which causes an unnecessary amount of stress in the days before.  So, I was determined not to do this for such an important party.  I ordered the cutest banner from back in March from 21Creations.  I had planned on making it myself, but getting my rear to the scrapbook store in order to use the die-cutters proved to be impossible.  This banner was exactly what I was looking for so I had no problem dropping the $30!  I oooohed and ahhhed endlessly when I pulled it out of the box.  I couldn’t stop gushing about how perfectly adorable it was!  :)

The bee graphic was exactly what I envisioned and so I chose to center everything else around that little bee with the bow :).  Enter epic graphic designer and amazing friend, Christina.  She is an expert when it comes to designing, well, pretty much anything, so she was my first choice when it came to the invitations.  I sent her a prototype of what I was looking for and she ran with it, and in my opinion, just completely nailed it!  How cute is this?!?! (Pardon the white bars, but I blurred out our address and phone number for privacy reasons!)

We even used one of the invitations for the centerpiece of our food table.  I just used a white frame that we already had on hand to display it! (Again, our address and phone have been omitted :))

And on top of creating the most adorable invitations, she even whipped up a batch of kid-friendly, marshmallow based fondant (see, I’m one of the only women on earth that doesn’t own a KitchenAid mixer) for me to color and sculpt for my beehive layer cake!  She wrote out step-by-step instructions on coloring the fondant, rolling it out, and sculpting.  I couldn’t have created this beauty without her guidance!

There is definitely room for improvement in the fondant area, but I was pretty dang proud of my beehive cake!  It only took 6 and a half hours… A very frustrating, yet rewarding experience lol!

Now that I had taken care of the cake for the party guests, I had to whip up a smaller smash cake for the nugget to dig her little fingers into!  :)  I’m a bad mother… I just used store-bought vanilla frosting and colored it yellow.  But my little bee turned out pretty cute I think!

We’ll get to Zo’s reaction (and Spliff’s, for that matter) to little Mr. Bee Cake here in a second!

Over the table, I hung home-made tissue paper poofs.  I have to say, they are some of the most inexpensive, easy to make, big statement decorations I’ve ever done for a party.  I’m pretty sold on them so I’ll probably be making these for every party that I throw from here on out!

I know they are blurry in the background, but if you look at the wine rack, you’ll see all our little goodie bags that we gave away to all of our half-pint guests.  :)  They contained suckers, water squirters, those weird rubber band bracelets shaped like animals, and Starburst.  I just printed the bee graphic on my printer at home, cut him out, and glued him to some adorable favor boxes I found in the dollar section at Target.  Then, I tied up the top with some magenta ribbon left over from our wedding lol.

Whew!  Sick of reading yet?!?!  I bet!  So, let’s get to the goods!  The birthday girl in all her glory!  I have to say I’m pretty dang proud of her little bee get-up!  The whole thing cost a total of $21 (including the bee hair clip, dress and leggings)!  She rocked it to put it mildly!

She cruised around the party, saying hello to everyone!  Like her auntie Marisa who came all the way up from Madison, WI, just for the occasion!

And can’t forget a quick picture with both mom and daddy…

That’s a real man/ all-star dad right there, folks!  Real men aren’t afraid to wear a Baby Bjorn in front of almost everyone they know…

Zo hung out under the table for a while… the girl is definitely going to be a fort builder…

Truly giving, our friends and family once again spoiled this little girl rotten with amazing and thoughtful gifts!  Zoey actually started to get the hang of unwrapping!

Besides the gifts that we gave her on her actual birthday (mentioned here), we also purchased this adorable white wolf scarf.  Just so we’re clear… Our names are Ben and Mel and we have a Game of Thrones addiction… if you have read the books or watch the HBO series, you know what we’re talkin’ bout!  GHOST!  We couldn’t help ourselves once we saw it.  Totally an impulse buy but she loved it, so it was definitely worth the money!

As the afternoon went on, the kiddos started dropping like flies.  Naps had been missed so we carved into my beehive (picture me weeping tears of utter horror) and it didn’t kill anyone!  Mel, 1… Cake, 0.  Zo was such a trooper.  She didn’t fuss once, but the eye rubbing had begun, so we knew we better get her into her smash cake stat!
I’m going to preface this next segment with this statement.  This was BY FAR my favorite post to write.  Watching my baby eat this cake and seeing the utter joy and excitement on her face was truly one of the highlights of motherhood.  I was bursting.  It didn’t hurt that everyone was completely melting at the sight of her.  She’s so loved… and she’s SUCH a ham!  Enough chit-chat… I give you… the bee cake!
You’d think the paparazzi were in our dining room with all those flashes.  If you don’t feel like watching all three, I’d have to say that 3 is my favorite (you can’t beat when she buries her face in the cake), but 2 is pretty funny as well (Spliff snags an awful lot of cake in numbers 1 and 3).  :)  The reason we ended up with three videos is because Ben stopped intermittently to snap some pictures of the messy hilarity!
Here is Mr. Bee intact… before he met his demise…
And a little bit of Mr. Bee for Mr. Dog…
And a whole lot for the nugget…
I love that last one.  She’s just so pleased with herself.  She did accomplish this after all:
We carried her, chair and all, into the bathroom to hose her down.  We knew that lifting her before we wiped her down would be an error of epic proportions.  When we lifted the tray off of her, she began eating the cake bits that were stuck to her legs.  She’s hardcore like that.  The water was yellow when we were finished.  Smash cake was a success!  It was such a fun way to wrap up the party!
I’m so grateful to everyone who came to celebrate with us, and everyone who wished Zo the happiest of birthdays.  We are such a lucky family.  Speaking of family… did you really think I’d post without a picture of Spliff in his Sunday best?  Ha, riiiight…
One of the kids at the party asked why he was wearing a tie.  I replied by stating the obvious… He’s too cool to need a reason.  LOL
So thanks for bearing with me on this uber long post of posts.  If you read all the way through and made it to the end, gold star for you!  I hope the cake pictures at least gave you a chuckle!  :)

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