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Those Who Can, DULUTH!

The cat’s slowly creeping out of the bag.  So much change in such a short amount of time.  I’m sorry that some of you are finding out this way.  It wasn’t something we publicized greatly once we really started to implement the final stages of our plan in late March.  I’m still nervous about sharing it since we haven’t officially closed on our house yet (passed inspection and set to close in late June), but yes, it’s happening!  We are FINALLY moving to Duluth!  And I’m so excited about how well it’s worked out so far that it is hard to keep to myself!

So… the obvious part… You all knew we wanted this.  It’s been anything but a secret.  No short term goal but something we’ve seemingly dragged out for almost a decade.  And the things that had to happen to get us to this point have certainly been stressful.  We’ve experienced ridiculous highs and scary lows.  Obnoxiously long story short, we accomplished this because we didn’t give up.  Everything fell into place because we worked so hard to do it right and time everything perfectly.  I still have trouble believing how easily this all went down which is why I’m so nervous it’s going to cave in at any moment.  To finally see all this begin to culminate… it’s almost unbelievable.  I still have trouble wrapping my head around the fact that it’s actually happening.  I think it’ll become more real when we sit down on our first night in our house.  Zo will be sleeping peacefully in her brand new, pink, gray and dragon themed bedroom (by request).  We will be surrounded by boxes.  I will be half way through my glass of one of the hundreds of delicious Duluth craft beers that I used to have to drive 2.5 hours to get.  I will most likely break down and cry.  I just can’t believe it.  I can’t even fathom how this is going to feel.  A home.  Finally.  Someone pinch me.

I had written a much longer post (it’s already long-winded, I know!) about why we’ve been so removed from everything, but I realized that it shouldn’t matter.  And it doesn’t matter.  All I can say is that we did what we needed to do to guard our goal from destruction.  From distractions.  We were so afraid to share what was going on because we were so afraid it wouldn’t happen.  We’ve accomplished what we once thought impossible and I can tell you that there were many nights when we felt like we just couldn’t keep going.  We’d sit on the couch feeling that malaise.  Should we just buy a house down here?  Keep Zo in her school?  But we always came back to the same conclusion.  We wouldn’t be happy.  The appeal of a new, flashy Prior Lake or Stillwater house would wear off in a few months and we’d just end up saying to ourselves, “I wish we lived in Duluth.”  Restless, again.  All the sacrifices we’ve made would have been for nothing.

In a nutshell, our plan went perfectly.  We are able to transfer our positions to our Duluth office and we were so fortunate to have an offer accepted on a house in our desired neighborhood with a view of the lake.  An impressive view, at that.  The interior is beautiful and I can’t wait to fix up the outside!  We were the first ones to see it and the first (of TEN) to offer.  Who knew the Duluth housing market would get so competitive? The sellers are transferring to the Twin Cities for work at the exact same time we need to move out of our townhouse so that couldn’t have worked out better.  Zo will be assigned to the grade school we desperately wanted her to go to.

So, why do I feel so scared when it is all going so well?!  Change is difficult; this is true.  But this is the change we’ve been working so hard for.  Perhaps, it’s that we will have accomplished that goal that we’ve spent the majority of our adult lives trying to achieve.  What’s next?  Should that be something I worry about?  I truly think that the beauty is, I can finally relax and take the time to exist.  No breadcrumb trail of consequences that could effect the outcome of our goal.  Just happy, windy, northern-cold existence.  I will have to relearn everything:  a commute-free schedule, a route to school, where to grocery shop, where to take Spliff to the vet, and mostly, just how to live without unyielding stress.  With this lack of stress… oooooh… I can’t even imagine the sleep I’m going to get!  Until then, we haven’t closed on the house so that is still our hanging chad.  I think I will have one ore two more sleepless nights.  I won’t feel like this is real until I have a house key in my hand.  I honestly couldn’t have done any of this without Ben.  He works so hard for our family and I would’ve given up on this craziness a long time ago if it hadn’t been for his persistent pep talks and positive attitude.  Ben tends to go unappreciated.  I want to put it out there, because it doesn’t get said enough… He’s amazing.  He is the reason we succeed.  He’s the rational voice in a crowd of crazy.  Love him.

frontdeck viewI hope that the next time I do a house update, it’ll be because we’ve successfully closed and moved in!  Wish us luck!  Thank you to everyone who had a hand in our success with all this.  It was so difficult and we are truly grateful for the love and support we’ve received!

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